Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I woke up this morning in a bit of a grump after spending half the night awake reflecting on my life and my decisions. Like most times when I cannot sleep, or have too much on my mind, I logged onto pinterest and bounced around for a while until I got things sorted out. Today I'm linking up with Michelle from {The Vintage Apple} for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!
I love it when things are drawn out like this, they often remind me of what really matters and the greatness of God.
If you poured out my Longchamp right now it would look something like this. Except, trade the Jacks for some Francessca Joy Bonannos that have a slight blood stain on the leather. And it would only be the left shoe right now, as that is all I can wear thanks to my klutz genes. I realized as I began a google search of 'how to get blood stains out of leather' that I probably looked like a murder scouring the web, trying to make sense of all of the steps and materials. In reality, I tripped up the stairs (game changer) on my crutches and scrapped my toe... my feet love life right now.
I love this ribbon and pearl DIY bracelet, and the instructions make it look so easy! I am definitely going to have to rope someone into driving me to the craft store so I can actually start on these projects and avoid going stir crazy over the next three weeks and 5 days.
Truth, speaks for itself really.
I love everything this blogger puts together. This dress is flawless and the bracelets are too sweet. She is officially on my list of people whose closets I wish I could live in, hah!
With election season nearing closer this little smocked dress is precious. My baby girls will definitely sport this one day.