All in a Year

We made it.
Well, I made it.
I feel like I should have something profound to say.
Like I should have gained enough wisdom to tell you how to move cross country at 21.
I have to be honest and tell you that I have no life changing wisdom to share.
I've got a story, and it starts like this:

God is good y'all.

Today is March 17th.
The day that little leprechauns make mischief and we wear green.
But today also marks my one year Nash-iversary.

A year ago today, I was so scared. So happy. So unsure.
I boarded a plane in Seattle and wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into.
I would soon be renting my first apartment, working several nanny jobs, buying my second ever car, volunteering with equine therapists, finally attending my dream school, getting a roommate, feeling lost, moving apartments, meeting my best friend turned confidant turned big sister inspiration, nannying 7 children, and looking back on my first year in Music City.

Oddly enough, I don't have a lot of sappy wisdom to share with this post. 
Usually I would drone on about the things I have come to realize and how my life has changed, all while in complete tears, but this time I'm going to give you a simple list.

Here it goes, Ali's Top 10 things (you must say "ten" in your head with an accent almost like "tin") to know about moving/life/joy:

1. Label everything before you move. Create a master list too
2. Collard greens are your friend, so are boiled peanuts and Chick-fil-a frozen lemonade
3. Double check before you go for a de-stress run/walk that you haven't left the stove on
4. Humidity is not your friend
5. Don't wait, don't settle, don't dally. Act. Live a life without "I always wanted to..."
6. Pray. A lot
7. Call your mama
8. Call your dad when you're in the hardware store/have a flat and ask for help, but stay on the line to tell him you're fine as well
9. Live local, don't go for the newest apartment complex, you'll miss so much of the fun and charm
10. A year is a little ripple in time, use it well, but don't try and squash a life into a year

Thank you Tennessee, I'm so glad you're my home.
I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings in with my new year.