DIY Gold Leaf Acrylic Monogram

I am probably lagging behind the trends, but I love all things acrylic.
I love acrylic frames, staplers, file boxes, tables, chairs; make it acrylic and I will probably want it.
The only thing that makes acrylic even better is gold foil.
After our fourth snow day in Nashville, I found myself beyond stir crazy. I had gotten out and walked in my favorite weather every day, hitting up Starbucks too many times to count and tip toeing along hoping to avoid slipping on ice, but still I needed to get out. I did not care where I went, I just wanted to be at least five miles away from my apartment that day. So, the roomie and I packed into her car and made our way out to run errands. Low and behold, we ended up at Michaels instead of buying groceries, yet again
Wandering the aisles, I stumbled upon acrylic monogram initials. I had seen these backed in patterns at Home Goods, but finding solid, good old plain acrylic monograms had been hard up to that point. I knew I had to get one right away. With Valentines day fast approaching, I snagged one for the goodie bag I was putting together for my bestie. A few days before our girls day, I realized the acrylic monogram on its own just was not enough. So, back to Michaels I went. This time, I found myself in the paint aisle, which also happens to house gold leaf in my local store. I knew immediately that the monogram just needed a little bit of gold and it would be perfect.
This DIY is so simple, yet it makes the best gift or glam desk accessory to personalize your space.


Acrylic monogram letter 
Gold leaf sheets (I used Martha Stewart's)
Mod Podge, or another glue/adhesive 
Paint brush for glue & one for brushing off leaf 
Start by brushing some glue or some sort of adhesive onto your letter.
Wherever you put the glue down, the gold foil should stick, so choose wisely.
Allow the glue to get slightly tacky. I found with Mod Podge this happened a lot more quickly than expected. Mine was ready to go in under a minute.
 Lay your letter down flat onto the sheet of foil.
Try not to get glue all over your surface, or in my case pick up faux fur with the sticky glue.
 Fold the foil sheet over, wrapping the letter in foil.
Using your hands or a dry stiff brush, smooth the foil down. At this point, you still have the plastic sheeting protecting the foil so really go at it.
Then, remove the plastic sheet and you are left with gorgeous gold foil.
I recommend flaking some of the foil off, very gently, with a dry stiff bristled brush.
This gives the whole thing a more organic, gold dipped effect.
Let dry fully and you have a gorgeous statement monogram for your desk or office walls.
Are you still riding the acrylic train?
Or am I the only one left?