Summer Crazy

Summers' past have been a time to relax, lay out and enjoy and this summer is already the complete opposite. My weeks are jam packed with my 3-day a week nanny job, 2-day a week camp job and 7am-1pm Saturday Anatomy and Physiology class. Its safe to say that when I get time to myself I spend it studying, looking up nursing schools or running. My 20th year has pretty much grabbed me round the arm and pulled me straight into the bustle of adulthood.
Even with all the crazy, I sort of love it.
Dresses have been made with my two favorite girls.
Hikes have been taken with dear returning co-workers.

The big nursing school list has started.

And I even have the slightest sign of a tan.
It has been a warm summer, as far as pacific northwet standards go, with most days in the 80's thus far. I have a good deal of reflecting to do this summer and vow to push myself into things I would never do on a regular 'Ali day'. 
Happy summer kiddos. Come along for the ride.