The Flip Side

If you are reading this blog post right now than I think it is safe to assume a couple things.
The first being that you likely have a profile, and or, participate in some form of social media. Regardless of the social media platform you find yourself inclined to use, by now you have likely seen this video, entitled 'My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech.'
I am also going to assume that you cried like a baby throughout and found yourself reflecting back on your life in some way, shape or form.
I certainly did.
After watching this video you probably did not, however, look further into the content of this YouTube channel. Being the internet junkie I am I began to delve deeper into the channel, named Soul Pancake. I quickly discovered {Kid President}, possibly my favorite kid on YouTube, along with a series of videos filed under '{The Flip Side}.'
Watch this first and then we will come back and talk about things, even though it pretty much speaks for itself.
well, shoot.
I know, it got me too.
The whole purpose of this series is to make us reflect back upon ourselves, upon our life and trigger us to think more deeply. Although my brain is constantly thinking, it is mostly filled with anxiety and worry over the future. But what The Flip Side does is forces you to freeze. It makes you think about the present, even if you only think about it for the 3 minute video.
That is three minutes out of your day that you were forced out of your head, and into the real world.
Go ahead, watch a couple more.

Are you thinking about the flip side of things in your life yet?