Watercolor My Life

A little while ago I posted about the {pajamas} I had sewn for one of my best friend's birthday. I was not entirely sure that they would turn out the way I had imagined so I decided that I needed a backup plan. One of my favorite artists is {Inslee Haynes} She does sort of sketched stylized watercolors of different girls. They are all absolutely precious and I knew if I put my mind to it I could take her work as inspiration for an extra birthday gift.
When I began to sketch I basically just put pencil to paper with a picture of the birthday girl open in one window and Inslee's art in another. I began to itemize the things that reminded me of my dear friend. When we were roommates we pretty much always wore our vests and hunter boots for comfort and because our campus was almost constantly covered in some form of snow. Second, she was obsessed with Diet Coke and I had given her the monogramming bug so I added both to the picture. Lastly is the stethoscope, for the future nurse, and her little pink insulin pump. She is a type I and so strong, it would be a disservice to leave it out. 
The way I see it, her pink pump is like her little superhero badge in this world.
I then bought a simple white frame to match her precious Tiffany blue room, signed the thing and put it all together. It was overwhelmingly my favorite gift and I think it turned out pretty darn well.