Just Do You

For the longest time I thought fashion was a cropped tie front cardigan paired with pink shirts covered in glittered butterflies. I ate up everything that limited too promoted and begged my parents for a pink north face Denali when it was the thing to have.
As I entered into my sophomore year of high school I found a new way to follow fashion. I would spend my afternoons glued to my computer, no surprise there, browsing through fashion blogs and even watching style related YouTube videos. I wanted every thing they had and began to sign myself up for everything they shared. 
It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really began to wear exactly what I wanted to. I would parade around in my striped jcrew skirts that covered my butt in its entirety and learned to not care so much what people thought. Sure, there were days when I'd dress differently depending on the occasion, meaning I was attempting to impress some boy I had a crush on, but most of the time I wore what I pleased.
Like today, I find myself nannying the sweet baby girls all day dressed in my usual jcrew sweater, black pants, Tory Burch shoes (that I got for $50 from the fabulous tradesy) accessorized with a quatrefoil necklace. And tomorrow I might wear a dress, tights and my wellies; and I love both outfits!
I don't have the perfect shape, by any means, and after rowing competitively for four years I would do anything for that body again. Except workout and cut out ice cream. And that's how this problem is perpetuated. But all the same I think sharing my outfits is fun to do and maybe it will keep me accountable to keep dressing every day.
I think what I am really getting at is that you should dress how you want to. If you find yourself wearing a bright pink vest, to match your pink goggles of course, to dissect a fetal pig, than more power to you! We all dress for something even if your style is meant to be "laid back and casual" that is still a choice. Dress as loud and obnoxious as you please or keep it understated instead. Just do you!