Matchbook Magazine

Growing up I waited every month, giddy as can be, for my American Girl magazine to come. Eventually I outgrew the little cartoon AG magazine and finally was deemed old enough to have my very own subscription to Seventeen. Have a last name toward the end of the alphabet I was usually one of the last to receive my issues and would strategically avoid friend's houses who had already read through their copy. And then the magazine high wore off. I no longer found the many ways to mix prints and neon for spring enjoyable and my subscriptions stopped all together.
When I began blogging last year I discovered all sorts of magical things including online only magazines. They were exciting to me as a college student mostly because they were free. But I turns out that I actually enjoyed the content in them as well. Matchbook Magazine quickly became my favorite of them all with the monthly Matchbook girl characteristics and the always preppy photo spreads.
This month's Matchbook takes the cake.
As I flipped through page after page I found myself opening tab after tab to track down each special item featured in the magazine. The pictures were divine and all of the sweet families shown are what I hope to someday have all on my own. Plus, my secret wish to design things for people was happy too.
Here are some of my very favorite images from this month, all photos belong to Matchbook Magazine.