Valentine's Day Craft Date

Man it feels good to be a gangster blogging.
Life, life, life you get in the way of my blog too often.
Putting everything aside for the moment lets talk about today. 
As Rebecca Black would kindly explain to us, it is the day before Friday.
But we're all over Friday anyway Rebecca, sorry girl.
Have I ever explained how much I enjoy Thursdays? They are like having dessert before dinner. Or like two hour delays which turn into snow days after 30 minutes. You could say that I love Thursdays.
So its fitting that Valentine's day falls on the loviest day of my week.
Not that I have anything special to love on Valentines day this year.
{but if I did I would buy him a pair of chubbies, a sexy bow tie, bake him some cake pops and want to go fishing or shooting with him... hit me up cute country boys}
In fact, this year I will be stuck inside a tiny classroom on Valentines day. My own fault for choosing the anatomy and physiology class that got done at 10pm. No love were that topic is concerned.
Assuming we are not going to get to do something fun and festive like dissect hearts tomorrow night, nerdy futur nurse fun right there,
 I decided to facilitate my own idea of V-day fun.
Genius, revolutionary many have called it. Newsweekly gave it two thumbs up. Critics everywhere are in love.
{I already know. it}   
Told you.
In all seriousness, I am in love with this whole little idea that I dreamed up while avoiding my homework.
There are few things I love more in this world than my girlfriends and crafting. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate; add that to my list too.
So like most good ideas turned better ideas, I combined combined the three.
Girls, Gossip and Glitter Glue.
A night of crafting our little hearts away.
I used my favorite {Marley Lilly} scarf as a table runner.
Go get you some.
I sacrificed two pages from my {Lilly Pulitzer} planner and framed them for a little preppy magic. Since there was no wall behind the table, traded for a beautiful view of a local Pacific Northwet lake, I hung the pictures using 3M hooks left over from last year's dorm.
I covered a table with a white table cloth and added a simple detail in the front. Using crepe streamers and some grey satin ribbon the table was instantly more lovable.
For the longest time my mother has been fueling my pink obsession and collecting little things for my future kitchen one day. They were perfect for my little "bar" "drink" area, you have to put "" when you're just a young sapling like me, and so into the madness they went.
My favorite of the bunch is probably my vintage mismatched champagne glasses. They are so much fun even if they have to sit at the kiddie table sipping sparkling water.
The lipstick kissed picture is another favorite and so much fun to make. Although a little awkward. My parents were slightly concerned when they saw me lip locked with a piece of canvas. 
Clearly, they got really lucky in the daughter department.
Last but not least would be a goodie bag to stuff with cake pops and candy. 
{again sexy country men hear the cake pop reference... I am a darn good baker among other things.}
I think every craft party should have a general guided craft for those friends who need a little help getting their sparkle on. The grey and blue bracelet is super easy to make with some ribbon, beads and a needle. Thank you pinterest! You could even print out the instructions and picture and give each girl their own little packet of ideas inside their bags.
In the end, just have fun with it. 
If the fumes of acrylic paint get too be too much, take a break watch a movie, go out dinner, enjoy your friends. Remind yourselves how much you love each other!