A Dream Come True

When I first started this blog, I played around with the name for a while.
I had seen so many cute, personalized names and I wanted my blog to reflect me in a way that was fun and catchy, but that I also would not be embarrassed repeating when someone asked me what my blog was called.
I played around with my name and clever childhood nicknames. But for some reason "ali pali" "sweet pea" and "pali" just were not right for my new, perfect, endlessly possible blog.
So I zoomed way out. 
I thought about me, my personality and what I wanted my blog to be about. I knew that I wanted it to be girly and pink above all else. I thought perhaps something to do with pearls would fit the bill. 
But what did I really want to share about myself through my blog?
The answer was simple, I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to help children by making their lives, and their parents, a little easier during a tough time.
Scrubs and Pearls.
But it sounded too simple to me.
At this point I was also obsessive about personalizing everything. More specifically, monogramming. I fully believed in when Reese Witherspoon declared "If its not moving, monogram it!"
What would be more perfect than a monogrammed scrub top and a string of pearls? 
Nothing in my mind.
So the name was born, Monogrammed Scrubs and Strings of Pearls.
For the longest time I would get messages asking me if I had monogrammed scrubs and where I would recommend getting a pair. I always had answered that as far as I new they were a figment of my imagination, but one day I would really make a pair for myself.
My first blog header was filled with this idea. I took an image of scrubs, filled them with Lilly Pulitzer patterns and put my monogram on the pocket of every single one.
 The second phase of this idea was a more simplistic version. Including a plain blue scrub top, with my monogram and a string of pearls around my neck.
Yesterday, a part of this blogger's dream was made a reality.
I was scrolling through twitter and just about jumped out of my seat when I saw this tweet from {Marley Lilly}
SCRUBS was right.
And immediately had to tweet back to them...
I quite seriously almost cried.
Although I had no part in the process of creating these scrub tops, Lord knows I wish I did, I still felt so connected to the announcement.
They took a dream I had, without even knowing that my tiny insignificant blog exists, and made it a reality.
Just look at the beauty for your self.

(images taken from Marley Lilly website)
So now, the next time that someone asks about my dream and where they can get a pair of monogrammed scrubs I have a real place to send them.
As soon as I'm done buying books and paying for tuition for next quarter (just registered today and my bank account already dislikes me) I will treat myself to a pair of my dream scrubs. How to choose just one? Too difficult, don't ask, it gives me a headache just thinking about it!
But eventually, my new header and blogger picture will include little old me with a pair of monogrammed {Marley Lilly} scrubs and a string of pearls around my neck.
If anyone from Marley Lilly reads this, or if you know someone who works there, thank you for making my sweet blog's dream come true!