The Journey To Nursing School: Paying For College

On Monday I posted about my college financial troubles. After carrying out my typical anxious thoughts and doubts I decided that it would all work out. I read your fabulous comments, called my parents and scoured the internet for deals I complied a list of ways to save money, and pay for, college.
1. Find a scholarship the sweet Blake of {Collegiate Misadventures} recommended this website to me and I think it is fabulous. You search for scholarships based on how they match your personal profile. They range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. The site also provides good tips and tricks to applying to the scholarships.
2. Rent your textbooks somewhere like {CampusBookRentals} takes the price and hassle out of textbooks. Plus, when you go through this {link} you get an extra 5% off your rental, more money for other things! My first semester of college I remember the dreaded call to my parents when I had to ask for over $500 for my books alone. Renting textbooks makes sense, it is inexpensive and you avoid the hassle of selling them back at the end of the semester. If you still want to buy your books, look for used books or the international edition. These books are the same as the required books for your classes but they cost a lot less.
3. Split the cost live with your friends not only for a good time but also to save a big chunk of money. Split utilities and rent evenly and share a grocery bill. If you are lucky enough to have a Costco or bulk food store near by split a membership and save money that way. And coupon-ing never hurt Honey Boo Boo's mama. Think about stopping before you turn a room into a 'stockpile' of toilet paper though, but a few dollars saved here and there never hurt.
4. Get a job that fits around your schedule. Your classes should be number one on your list, but a job can give you that extra bit of spending money for fun. Babysitting, nannying, working the front desk of dorms are all good flexible options. Look around and see what you can find.
5. Stay on campus for entertainment and fun. A lot of schools have movies that cost little to no money and often are early screenings of movies. Last year I saw Transformers with my friend completely free. Take advantage of other social events too, you will meet other people and feel more connected to the whole ordeal.
Anything on your list that I left off?