Happenings and Tidbits

The Christmas season is alive and well in Florida. And no matter how silly I think palm trees wrapped in Christmas lights and wreaths look, Floridians seem to think the weather is behaving accordingly. The number of comments I have heard relating to how "cold" it is makes me wonder if these people have ever seen snow.
Does this look like November to any of you? Its so odd.
If any of you live in the Naples area go to Silver Spoon and try the peanut butter pie. Oh my word, it is so good!
We also wandered around the Waterside shops and I was happy to see the lights and trees. The heat may be off season, but the decorations were a beautiful way to end the night.
The next day I opened up my Grammy's grandmother's cookbook and made her peanut butter cookies. She loves them I am not the same way. They are made with a whole tub of shortening, and to me that is exactly what they taste like. I would rather have ice cream anyway!
Santa arrived at the Coastland mall, complete with security and elves.
I tried my first cherry limeade from Sonic, after hearing rave reviews about it, and loved it. It is such a refreshing post work. We tried to make it at home the other day and it was disgusting. I had to pretend to like it meanwhile I kept pouring it in the sink when Grammy wasn't looking, oops!
Last but not least, pizza nights have become a regular thing here. Grammy loves take and bakes, so that is what we get, and they are not half bad.