Instagram Princess

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Instagram. And since one of my new blog friends Helene over at, her fancy new URL, {Helene in Between} is hosting her first linkup I had to join in!
Its called 'Tell Me About It Tuesday' and hello, I love to talk, about myself, so I'm going to tell you all about my life.
Lets talk about this beautiful sunset from the beach last week. Grammy and I went to Winn Dixie (which I thought was the cutest thing ever because hello, I used to read those books about that dog) got sandwiches and ate our dinner with our toes in the sand. We looked for the green flash, which I have seen many times, but I blinked so that failed.

I spotted these princess bath items at Bells. We don't have Bells in Washington and the only thing I liked there was the bubble bath.
I feel the need these to reaffirm my princess status even as I get all scrub-a-dub-dubby in the tub.

Again, princess of pout. That is me sometimes a lot of the time.

Work outfit. I bend the black rules... a lot.
The seagulls and animals at the beach needed to know I was a princess.
I also wrote my monogram next to it later.

Hello cuteness. I wore that hat everywhere. I remember this trip because it was the first time my parents went for a trip abandoned me, but I got a new fancy play kitchen so it was okay. Also that hat had fake blue raspberry things on it. And a a little sparkly nest.
I also hope that my future daughters are as precious as this picture. I worked my family.

{link up} babes!