Did You Win?

Congratulations to...

Please email me at alilablonde@gmail.com to claim your prize dear!

I'm so glad to say that you have won. This girl leaves me the sweetest words on my blog and consistently makes my day a little brighter! Go check her blog out {here}

On another note, here are some things I learned from my first giveaway and some tips for entering other giveaways:
1. If the host requires you to follow them, you actually have to follow them.
Ew, I know.
But, we sort of hope that you are here for more than just the prize and that maybe our charm and wit will keep you around for future posts, and giveaways, to come.
2. When you follow that person via whatever platform they request, you leave the name that you follow under.
For example, my name is Ali. But, when I follow people via GFC I know that I have my name set to Ali @ Monogrammed Scrubs. So, when they ask me to follow via GFC, I leave them with Ali @ Monogrammed Scrubs because when they go to check if I am actually following them, which we actually take time to do, they will see the name I entered and how I am following directly match up.
Otherwise, even though 'Ali' may have won, they see that Ali @ Monogrammed Scrubs follows them, but no Ali. So, they skip me and pick another winner. 
Sad day.

If you didn't win this time, don't worry!
I am steadily approaching 200 followers, and at that point I will host another giveaway hopefully involving some Lilly Pulitzer :)