Let The Crafternoon Begin!

Happy Saturday babes! 
Remember when I mentioned that my sewing machine had decided to {break on me}? Well, in case you did not see my {tweet} which boo you, I FIXED IT BY MYSELF!
(Since everyone is on an honesty kick lately, I will admit that my dad did the manual labor. But I provided the music, and the straightforward, concise instructions. Tools just are not my thing)
This calls for a long post filled with all of the things that I am never going to make, but I {pinned} them because they were pretty, hah!
Hello Florida! I also just found myself some embroidered seersucker fabric, my dreams are all coming true in the form of a DIY bandeau bikini.
Yay for J Crew look-a-likes for less!
My blog is not called monogrammed scrubs and strings of pearls for nothing.
Thank you daddy for unknowingly donating your shirt to the cause. Its not my fault prince charming has not come with old dress shirts for me to use and abuse yet.
Love this spin on the classic homemade t-shirt game day dress!
This used to be a frumpy thrift store skirt... WHAT?!?
This girl is a genius, I think she must be on the inside with connections to Cinderella and her singing mice.