Just Madras Steals

Two more weeks until I see the doctor and {hopefully} get the okay to walk again!
Being largely stuck at home within the rules and guidelines of being a successful cripple I have seriously picked up my online shopping addiction. From the big guns like the Lilly ESS to smaller 20% off sales in between I shop them all. Recently, I received notification that one of my favorite retailers, {Just Madras} was having their annual sale. From the pink and navy website to the charming madras plaids and seersucker dresses, everything is perfect. Things got even better when my favorite discount site {U Scoop} had a deal where you paid $25 for $50 worth of credit to Just Madras.
Thank you shopping fairies.
This made my purchase a total steal. I paid $25 for my $50 certificate and $16 extra because I just could not say no to the fall fabric sale. So total, I paid $41 for what would have been a $158 order in total.
I know it is genius.
Just in case you were not convinced that I got away with sale shopping slaughter before you can review my fabulous purchases below:
Madras Patchwork Mackenzie Top in {Sea Island} $78 Originally, $35 on Sale
{Tuscany Fall Plaid} Fabric $35 Originally, $10 on Sale
Just Madras {Koozies} Free, Just Pay Shipping!
Sign up for UScoop {here} through my link, thank you! Or if you want to be stinky about referral links (I only get $10 "Uscoop" bucks if you make a purchase, its not that big of a deal ladies) then the regular website will let you sign up too, Uscoop.com. 
What are you waiting for?
You have 5 days until the Uscoop coupon goes away. But you should know that your coupon stays good until the end of the year, hooray for that!