Don't Watch This Movie With Your Parents...

... Or better yet, don't watch it at all.
Last night my mama and I were looking for a good Red Box movie to rent to celebrate my new crutch free days. Which if you have not caught on, I went to the doctor today and I am officially a two shoed woman again! Seriously big news. I cannot run until November, which is going to drive me nuts, but walking is the next best thing right now.
Back to the point of this post; do not rent this movie.
I had originally texted mama asking her to pick up The Lucky One. I am a total sucker for Nicholas Sparks' movies, and books, and this one has been on my list for a while. No matter how cheesy or sappy they get it just makes me want to be living in the stories more and more.
Her fumble with technology ended up getting us Bel Ami instead. 
Oh my word. 
There was no sweet love story, tears were not shed and I am pretty sure that I did not even feel any emotion except confusion. I do not care how old I get, sex scenes in movies I watch with my mama will always be awkward. And lucky for me, the whole thing was a sex scene. If they were not getting down and dirty then it was just filled with grumpy "brooding" shots of R-Patz (who I do not find attractive in the least). No thanks chickadee.
An hour later and I could not tell you what happened if I wanted to.
I would give it one out of five crowns.
Clearly, not princess approved.

Have any good movie recommendations for me? I really want to go see Pitch Slapped but all of my movie dates are at school. Maybe mama and I will try again on the movie scene.