If I could live anywhere in the US..
I would want to live somewhere in the South. I have lived on the West Coast, in the same house, in the same city, growing up with the same people all.my.life. Moving a few hours away to college is really the only move I have ever had to make. To tell the truth, I have only ever actually been to Florida. I don't think it exactly equates to the ideal big family plantation home ideal that is stuck in my head; but geographically it is the closest I have ever gotten. I think I have always been drawn to the Southern coasts, scattered with charming homes and the most beautiful scenery.
Someday, some how, some way, I will live somewhere in The South.
If I were to have more children..
Although I love children more than anything else, at 19 I do not plan on, nor currently have, any children. Like many girls I have been planning out my family, and picking out names, since I got my very first bitty baby (whom I named Bethlehem). I had a knack for names (and Jesus) at four.
 I would love to have at least five children, hopefully a set of twin girls would be in the mix along with a single big brother to protect them. I figure, once you make it to five is a few more really that different? Thats when I would love to start adopting. Every child deserves a loving home, even if temporary, and I would be honored to foster children. I think I feel the need to mother every child that does not have a someone to love them.
If I could have any talent in the world..
I would love to be an amazing baker. But not just one who makes yummy tasting things, but one who could decorate anything. I would need a pantry filled with sugars and pretty edible things. How amazing would it be to pull up to a school bake sale with gourmet cupcakes, which would be gorgeous of course, and have all the other moms gawk. I'm working on my MRS degree as we speak.
Dear Lord, please send me some sort of talent.
If you met me in real life..
You would realize how crazy and neurotic I really am. I would probably be reserved in the beginning, but wait a few hours and ohmygoodness you would discover that shy is the farthest thing from my personality. I would probably give you a few pet names, likely they would include chickadee and love, and no matter how odd they would at first seem they would be meant in the most sincere way. I think that my sass and sarcasm comes across in some of my blogging and that definitely carries into my real life personality. All in all, if you met me I would probably never let you leave. I like to make friends for the long run, and so a lot of times I may sacrifice having a ton of "friends" for a small group of people who I know will be there for me if I needed homework help tomorrow, or when I'm 50 and going through a mid-life crisis.
If money were not an object..
I would buy a lavish plantation home. I am majorly in love with the rows of trees that line their driveways and the traditional architecture. It is so picturesque and grand. Plus who wouldn't want to hold lunches and fabulous Friday night parties at their column lined house, I would not object. You bring the Moscato, I'll do the food.
If I could meet one celebrity..
It would be Catherine Middleton. Most people have gotten over any brief obsessions they had with Kate and the Royal Wedding, I have not in the slightest. I refresh What Kate Wore religiously. Everything about her says elegance and class, and I always love that her style is very much her own and she knows what she likes. Maybe she could introduce me to Harry... Imagine being Catherine Middleton's sister-in-law, let alone royalty!
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If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life..
One store for everything my heart desires? J.Crew. They have everything my heart desires sprinkled with glitter and cardigans. I would be poor as anything, but oh so well dressed. Which is all that really matters in the end.
If I could chose one animal/pet..
I would want a puppy of my own! I love our dog Kobi more than anything else, but he is our family dog and I think being able to call something simply 'mine' would be the best part. I always think about what sort of dog I would want, Kobi is a Keeshond and we have had Keeshonds since I was born. Its fun to have a dog that most people don't know a thing about, but I think have a little dog to cuddle with is also a pull. In the end, I think pretty much any old loving dog will do.
If I could go on a trip right now..
If my foot was healed enough to get around I would be on a plane right now to Florida. I go back to the doctor in a month and I'm hoping by that time I will be able to spend the remainder of the semester there. Sun, beach, pools, Disney World and the possibility of visiting possible nursing schools... I want to go now!
If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef..
I would jump at the chance to have a house cleaner! But, I would like the ultimate house cleaner, the sort where you don't have to pick up before they come. Actually, can that happen in my dorm room please? I keep it pretty clean, until I have to decide what to wear... or get sick... or have a lot to study. So its clean 4/10 times.