Some days it feels like I have been fighting to get back in shape for years. In some ways there is a lot of truth to this statement. I went from being an extremely active rower, to a sometimes runner and now feel like chasing a nanny babe or two around all day is fitness enough. In my heart I know this is not good enough for me personally and want nothing more than to be able to run mile after mile seamlessly. Insert the Fitbit Flex, my new best friend.
I was attracted to the flex due to its step counting nature but also its goal setting integration and ability to track foods and activities. I am two days in and generally pleased with this product, although we take New York tomorrow and that will be the true test.
The Fitbit Flex comes with two wristbands, size small and large, the computer portion, a charge USB cord and a wireless sync dongle. The two pronged silver piece is the clasp of sorts and interchanges between either wristband size to keep your Fitbit secure on your wrist.
Mine came pre-assembled in the large size wristband and I found switching over to the small wristband to be easy. The hardest part was figuring out how the Fitbit itself went into the wristband, arrow facing out and up for reference.
 I was also happy to see the device came charged, which isn't always the case with electronics. 
 I had downloaded the Fitbit app ahead of time from the app store and found it to be very user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. The app walks you through the set up steps and in no time your device is ready to go.
 The app comes pre-programmed to set 10,000 steps as your daily walking goal and so far I have left mine like that. You also enter your weight, weight goal and how 'difficult' you want the process to be, as in how many pounds a week you are aiming to lose.
I found all of the different lights the device puts out to be confusing as well and had to google what they all meant a couple times to get it down. As far as I know, two dancing lights mean the device is asleep and if you double tap your wristband you will see three chasing lights followed by how much of your goal you have achieved. I love this simple visual goal check in, its discreet enough that you can check it throughout your day without interrupting any part of your day.
The Fitbit Flex also tracks your sleep if you ask it to. Before you go to sleep, simply select start tracking sleep in the app and count sheep like normal. I will admit that I am a pretty particular sleeper, in that I toss and turn and have to have things arranged just so and found this to be a little cumbersome on my wrist. As for the actual tracking, after one night it is too hard to give any real analysis. I have used other sleep apps before to "wake me up in my optimal sleep cycle" and will be interested to see how this data compares.
You can also set silent alarms, supposedly good if you have a partner whom you don't want to wake, not something I have to worry about but I will try this feature out none the less.
So far I'm pleased with my initial impressions of my Fitbit Flex. It has a clean design and packs a fair number of features for its price tag. I plan on updating in a few months when I have a more concrete grasp on the product and its aid in my journey to fitness.

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