WIWW: Drop Your Anchor

Happy What I Wore Wednesday babes!
After rowing for four years of my life I like to consider myself at least slightly sea worthy. Which simply means that I allow myself to believe that my nautical related purchases are not totally wannabe. Above all else, I am always up for a good deal at a solid price and Old Navy has fed that need as of late.
I first spotted these {anchor embroidered critter capris} and knew they were meant to be in my closet. I am also terribly lacking in the whites' department so I found this {white blouse button up} to be a staple as well.
Things have been getting a little 'nauti' here lately to say the least.
I have to admit that for some reason when I first saw this outfit on myself I immediately thought 'hippie alert!' I should have known better with the critter pants and preppy white button up, but all the same the alarm bells were not easily calmed.
To 'fix' the situation I did the two, and a half, preppiest things I could think of. Threw on some pearls and, almost old man, loafers and popped the color. And in that moment I felt ready to fly off to the Vineyard for the weekend. Crisis adverted.

For most of the summer I cannot be bothered with my 'Rapunzle hair' as the girls' call it, more like rats nest highrise, and so most of the time it ends up in a french braid. There is nothing worse than getting to that too hot panicked place where all you can think is to pull your hair into whatever horrid looking bun that keeps it off of your neck. Those are never fly.

pleated poppy