When I Grow Up...

I want to be Lemon Breeland.
A fictional character from Hart of Dixie and arguably the most well dressed belle out there.
Is she slightly ridiculous?
After recently being called bossy, repeatedly I might add, by one of my co-workers I appreciate Lemon's no-nonsense attitude. The southern belle thing doesn't hurt either, although no one accuses me of that... yet.
Just wait until I move to the South and find a charming husband who will grow old on our giant wrap around porch with our children running all around us. Don't all you southern dolls live like that? Even if you don't, bless my heart and let me live in my dream world for a while longer.
Plus, I have Lemon to fulfill all of my picturesque southern dreams from her perfect blonde hair to her spot on outfits. Heck, if my name were Lemon I would wear lemons too!

 She is charming, she is witty and most of all she feels the same way about 50 Shades of Grey as I do.

 So, ship me off to Bluebell, sign up to be Zoe Hart's right hand nurse and let me go shopping for my future husband. Oh, and send Lemon my change of address cards, I expect us to swap tips and other perfect, charming women talk upon my arrival.
See you soon friends!