I Dream of Pink Scrubs

I live by two big rules in my life.
The first being "if its not moving, monogram it."
Followed closely by
So a few weeks ago when I was contacted by Medical Discount Scrubs to review a pair of their scrubs I knew that they would be pink. It just so happened that Cherokee makes a 'luxe' line of scrubs and one of the options is a fabulous pink pair. I quickly responded to the company excited to try them on.
They arrived quickly and the company was great to work with. When I finally opened the package containing my new pink beauties I was so excited. Who does not want to walk into work wearing their favorite 'power color'? The only mishap was that I ordered the scrubs too big. It was a silly mistake on my part but I ended up having to pin them for the photos you see here. The customer service was great on this point to saying that as long as the tags were on they could be returned. But I think I'll try my hand at a home alterations job instead!
 I think every nurse and nurse-to-be needs these in their closet. They are the perfect accessory to any pair of Danskos. Notice the pearls? I had to keep with my blog's namesake. We wouldn't be monogrammed scrubs and strings of pearls without them!