Glued To The TV

After nearly eight weeks of bumming it around the house thanks to my klutzy break it is safe to say that I have rediscovered so many of my favorite shows. With fall upon us the premiers of many of my favorites are coming fast. 
Duck Dynasty has to be at the top of my list. It is beyond entertaining and Uncle Si is the best character by far. The women of the family are also gorgeous, I think getting to spend a day with them piled around the big family table would be so much fun.
I am totally obsessed with Grey's. As an aspiring nurse I love the over dramatized show no matter how off point it may be. Arizona Robinson is my favorite, I think its the pediatrics thing, but I love Meradith too. I cannot wait to see what happens this season, and hope Zola gets a lot of screen time she is too cute.
This show makes me cry every episode, without fail. It is already a few episodes in and just as good as ever.
Abby & Brittany, Honey Boo Boo and Breaking Amish are all from the ever fabulous TLC. If you ask any of my hall mates from last year they will tell you a couple of things, including, that Kenzie and I rarely left our room and that either TLC or Lifetime was on our TV constantly. They provide the best crazy yet real life shows. I am utterly addicted.
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Hart of Dixie is another one of those that I stumbled on while stuck in bed sick last year, and I love it. The whole little town is so precious, and Lemon is too cute.
What are your favorite shows right now? I would love to add them to my list, I think my life is scheduled around my favorite shows, pathetic!